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I hired Nicole to paint almost every room in our 4 bedroom house after we moved in and she did a beautiful job and I would definitely use her again. I loved that she was green and biked to our house every day and she was so professional. She was always prompt and cleaned up after herself and was amazingly fast for being an one person crew. She painted our house during the summer when my two girls were home and they loved to watch her paint and she was great with them and our less than friendly dog. She even did research for us to find a company that would clean up and repaint an antique metal garden gnome that we have. I would definitely recommend Nichole to everyone!

Susan I.

Nichole has great taste and style when it comes to interior decoration! She is honest, trustworthy, and always fair! Props for being green and being a great contribution to the community and environment!

Mouthy G.

Nichole is an awesome painter, color consultant, and person! I was looking for a painter on yelp and was drawn to all the positive reviews of Nichole’s work as well as the fact that she uses paint that does not contain chemicals. I could not be happier with the results! Nichole helped us choose the colors for our entire house and when one of them was not quite right she switched it and insisted on paying for it herself. Nichole does beautiful work in very little time! I love my house now that Nichole has painted! She is the BEST PAINTER EVER!!!!!!!!

Katy S.

Nichole painted our entire apartment before we moved in and did a beautiful job! We also used her again once we moved in and she was such a pleasure to work with – I never would have known she’d even been in the apartment if it wasn’t a different color!:) She was so neat, timely, etc. and the products she uses don’t smell AT ALL!

Lauren H.

Now I understand why everyone rated Nichole and Harmony Haus so high! I was looking for someone to paint all of the bedrooms in my condo and found Harmony Haus through Yelp. From getting a quote to picking colors to doing the actual painting, Nichole was fantastic to work with. I was particularly impressed by how conscientious she was about working in our home while we were living in it. She was so super clean, efficient and friendly. I would recommend her (and already have) to anyone looking for a painter.

Dafna S.

I work with Nichole quite often and she is the BEST! All I have to say is she is a Jill of all trades. Not only can she paint but she is great with color, can refinish your furniture, build things, faux finish, stencil, create and /or imitate your favorite design or pattern right there on your walls to perfection! Nichole’s work is flawless and she pays attention to every little detail.

Michelina Q.

If you’ve ever had work done on your home, you know the ups and downs, good and bad, and expectations vs. reality. If you’ve had painting in your home done by Nichole, you only know how pleased and happy you are at every part of the process… a little more!

Nichole’s professionalism, expertise, honest advice, and commitment to the job are bar none. She worked with us to find the best colors for two very awkward rooms/woodwork, and she went above and beyond to fix a problem caused by the paint store. She took extra time out of her schedule to return to fix the color issue in the room. Not only did she spend additional time with us, but she only left the house after everything was clean, back in place, and even put the switch plates back on the outlets and light switches! It’s the little touches and professional quality that you can be assured of when you invite Harmony Haus into your home.

Not to mention, her select use of eco-friendly paints and materials ensures that even in the winter months, my house didn’t smell like paint for days and weeks on end. I feel better and healthier knowing that the paints are not poisoning me now, or for years to come. Also, the finishes and textures of the paints Nichole recommended were perfect for our bathroom that has little ventilation, and our front room with challenging woodwork.

Nichole worked around our furniture with ease, and is so skilled at her craft that you hardly know she’s there. All you know is one day you have old, ugly walls, the next day you have gorgeous, inspiring colors in your home! I’ve recommended her to friends since, and will continue to do so.

Amber G.

Nicole is a one woman show who can do more then a bunch of guys and is a lot neater too! Totally , Green Environmentally friendly ,she likes to work with materials that are non-toxic and safe for your home. Super talented painter/designer who can also help you find the colors or even do a fun unique design for you. I used Nicole to paint my Bathroom, she was awesome! She was so fast and did a wonderful job. She can also refinish furniture and make it all pretty for you.

Beatrize N.

I hired Nichole to paint most of my apartment in 2008. Picture vibrant colors, two colors to a room, with lots of windows and cutting in. Nichole got this all done beautifully and in the time she allotted. She was well organized, orderly and left zero mess. She also blended well with my cats, who were completely relaxed with her working around them. I was impressed not only with Nichole’s work but with her color sense, and especially with her professionalism.

Nichole was always punctual and always did exactly what she said she would do — it was a breath of fresh air, in a field where you don’t know what you’ll get sometimes.

Her commitment to / knowledge of eco friendly products and practices is remarkable.

And to top it all off, a beautiful, hand written thank you note sent by her upon completion of the work. Just class.

Kathryn M.

Nicole and I worked together on my Spinning studio in Evanston (Revolution Spin) as we expanded to a secondary space.

Nicole was absolutely fantastic. She assisted me in choosing paint colors and additionally worked around the clock to get the space completed in time.

As a business owner that is huge on the importance of perception, I honestly could not be happier with the completed job. The space looks phenomenal (Nicole painted about 1000 square feet in 4 separate rooms and one wall as a chalkboard wall).

I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone looking for a quality, well priced paint company.

Jason B.

Having your entire house painted is a daunting task…even though you’re not the one doing the real heavy lifting. Nichole was amazing and did everything in her power to make it as easy on us as possible throughout the entire process. My husband and I live in a classic Chicago-style condo with lots of beautiful woodwork, so we wanted to be sure that we hired a painter who would do a fabulous job. Additionally, we wanted to be sure to use non-toxic, no-VOC paints since I was 6 months pregnant at the time. We were given her name by a friend (thanks, Amber G!) and are so grateful for the recommendation.

Nichole started us off by spending a lot of time with us doing a color consultation. We had a fair amount of difficulty envisioning entire rooms painted in certain colors and we consistently changed our minds from day to day regarding color selections. Nevertheless, Nichole was patient and brought us new color chips and samples with each changing whim. She didn’t say a word when we asked her to repaint an entire room that she had painted in an interesting, but overly electric shade of green that we have selected. She did an excellent job of sanding, filling, and fixing our walls that had been shabbily repaired in the past. She even went above and beyond a painter’s job and did some minor bathroom repairs one day while waiting for some paint to dry! Now that’s excellent service.

We can’t recommend Harmony Haus enough!

Heather S.

Nichole painted our brand new yoga studio last October & our cozy spa treatment area this spring and really transformed the space!

We are constantly getting compliments on our colors (which Nichole consulted extensively on and even went so far as to color match something from one of our silk yoga bolsters to create a custom color.) She absolutely would not let us choose a wrong color.

She worked efficiently on our crazy timeline and was extremely thorough, neat, professional, and flexible.

Harmony Haus specializes in eco-friendly non-VOC & low-VOC paints, which is awesome because there are virtually no fumes and you can begin using the space right away.

I would never hire anyone else for any painting project ever.

Andrea K.

Recently had Harmony Haus repaint our first floor. Terrific job – no mess/worked around our schedule/environmentally friendly paint. Would highly recommend!

Keith L.

Not knowing a darn thing about the painting biz, I hired Nichole to paint our children’s bedroom and the master bathroom. She suggested a nifty border for the kid’s room that I was really excited about! I came home and was not sure about the main color in the kid’s room and Nichole assured me it would be exactly what I wanted once she did the border. Boy, was she right! It turned out as fantastic as I had envisioned it!

Since then, we had some water damage in our kitchen and we had it painted by the contractor that completed the work. What a mistake! They did a horrible job and THAT is when I realized just what a talent Nichole has! We are planning another project with her as I type this review! Thanks for your great work, Nichole!

Christina P.

Nichole was a pleasure to work with! She came in to paint a bathroom and small bedroom in my home and she did a fabulous job. I will definitely call on her services in the future for all of my painting needs. My husband and I are two very happy customers, and will refer her to anyone we know who is in need of a professional painter! Thanks Nichole!

Jamie B.

Nichole is amazing. I could spend this entire review talking about her talent and craftsmanship as a painter. Her work is impeccable. She approaches each project as an artist rather than a painter getting a job done. And I mean that in the best way possible — she’s not going to draw designs on your walls (unless you ask her!).

But equally important is that Nichole is so incredibly reliable. She is there on time — and doesn’t seem to rest until the work is done. It might take a bit longer because she is doing it herself, but that’s her way of ensuring all the work reaches the high standard she sets for it.

Oh, and when she takes the rare break, she’s one of the coolest people to get to know. She is committed to being as eco as possible — from the bike she rides to the paint she chooses to the local businesses she supports.

I’d go into detail about some of the projects she has done at our home — and our rental property — but I’ve lost track. She’s done everything from painting our plaster walls to a very precise and complex job of painting over our plain maple kitchen cabinets.

Bernie H.

Nichole is AWESOME!!! I contacted her because of all the great reviews she has on Yelp and Angie’s List. We had just bought a house and wanted to repaint the majority of it. I couldn’t pick paint colors to save my life (much less my husband) and we didn’t want to have to pay for an interior designer consult. Nichole did not disappoint. She responded promptly to my e-mails and came over with a color wheel and lots of patience. Nichole listened to our ideas, looked at the pictures we saved, then pulled out her color wheel and picked the right shade for us. I liked that she was very decisive and confident. She purchased the paints for us and took care of all the set up and clean up. Honestly, you wouldn’t have known she was in the house painting unless you saw her here. The clock was back on the wall and the broom was back in the corner where we had left it. One of our dogs stayed in her crate the whole time and the other one hung out in the kitchen. Nichole painted our house in under 2 days and her fees were very reasonable. We are definitely going to work with her again on future painting project.
Side note – I personally love that Harmony Haus Painting is female owned. My husband just wanted a high quality paint job and to not be involved in picking paints or cleaning the floors. It was win win.

Bina R.

Nichole came to paint a small bathroom in my condo that I had tried, and failed, to paint myself. She responded promptly to my emails, and came over to talk about colors. Her eye for detail is great, as she helped me choose a color that compliments the marble and the countertops. I am so impressed with her work, and will definitely call her again when I need to repaint my bedrooms!

Rebecca L.

Amazing. I really appreciate craftsmanship and quality. Nichole more than delivers. Just lovely work and a pleasure to work with. My house looks so much better! Also I have young children and a historic house. I appreciate that Nichole uses sanding equipment, paint and techniques that maximize safety and minimize fumes and emissions. I have mixed feelings about even posting this review because Nichole is an incredible find!!

Stephanie S.

I received multiple bids from painters and Nicole’s was comparable, but she just seemed to really CARE more about our home, and promised to treat it as her own. I was tempted to go with a larger “crew” of large men, but when I returned to my home and found the work complete, I knew I had made the right decision to go with Harmony Haus.

Nicole painted our 10ft great room, plus went through the house and corrected the mistakes my husband and I had made in our own attempt to paint. She took down shelves, moved TVs and furniture. Everything was perfect and professional. She also worked directly with the paint supplier Colori, so that I didnt have to worry about whether she had enough paint and supplies.

I would definitely use her again.

Brea K.

I was amazed at the quality of work that Nichole and her team did. It was exceptional. I recently remodeled my condo from top to bottom and she came in and provided some excellent color recommendations, which made the place look contemporary yet sophisticated — the exact look that I was going for. The colors really compliment the floors, counters, backsplash materials and accents. I would use her again and recommend her company highly. And from the proposal to the execution, everything was highly-professional, within budget and on-time.

Tricia S.

Nicole of Harmony Haus painted most of the rooms in our new home recently.
It was an excellent experience from beginning to end.
She was very helpful in assisting with color decisions. I have never had a painter help me with this before, and it’s a money saver over using a interior decorator or using the wrong color and having to repaint.
If you are fussy about having people in your house, you will be very happy to have Nicole work for you. She keeps her tools and area neat and clean.
Her painting skills are amazing. Nicole made repairs and fixed cracks between the walls and crown molding before she painted that I had not even noticed.
She is very fast and thorough…and enjoyable to chat with too!
My walls look fantastic, thanks to Nicole at Harmony Haus.

Zoa K.

Nicole is awesome to work with. She rearranged her schedule to squeeze us in within 2 days of emailing her so we could move into our new house on time.

Her prices are very reasonable, she even ended up charging us less because she finished quicker than she quoted. She gets discounts on paint too so you save a lot of money there as well.

I am very pleased with her work and customer service. I will definitely use her again next time I need to paint.

Sijin M.

Nichole is fantastic! We live in a condo and, due to some really weird stuff that happened with our condo management company changing there was probably over half a year between when I first got the estimate and when I e-mailed her again asking if we could go for it. She was wonderful about rolling with everything.

I am terrible about picking out colors. I look at all the possible colors in the hardware store and freeze up because there’s just SO MANY. Getting ready for picking out colors I read a ton of blogs about how to pick out colors and I was still completely lost. Nichole was fine with this and listened when I described a little bit of what I was looking for (I like cool colors and I wanted calm colors in the bathroom). She walked me through all the color choices and what she thought would be good and why. I felt much better after talking with her and looking at the color choices.

The actual work went much faster than I thought it would. She was fine with my dog being out while she was working, which I really appreciated. She also managed to fix this MASSIVE crack that was in one of my bathrooms. We’re in a highrise, so the building settled and left this crack running up the wall. It looked terrible, but since it wasn’t a structural issue I got used to it. Now that it’s fixed I realize how much better that bathroom looks without the crack. The colors she picked look fantastic. She also suggested painting stripes on the two columns we have in our living room and it looks really good, more like an accent than an eyesore now.

She was also really great with handling my realizing that I completely forgot about some holes we had in the wall, which were covered up by something else, and me misunderstanding a note she left and not removing something from the wall. When I explained what happened she fixed the holes in the wall and painted the marks again. She also uses a paint that has no smell. I came home to a house that didn’t smell like paint. Overall is was a really wonderful experience and if I ever need painting again I will go with Nichole!

Margaret M.

Nichole and her partner painted my new home, a small, suburban bi-level. The quality of the work is excellent and her pricing was fair. I found her to be responsive, flexible, calm and organized. She genuinely cares about her customers and shows it both in her work and in her communications. Highly recommended.

Laurie R.

Nichole and her partner were amazing! We had them paint the majority of our 2-bedroom condo in a high-rise in Evanston and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Not only is it a plus that Harmony Haus is so Eco-minded, but to work with professionals who hold themselves to such a high standard of service and craftsmanship is also something often hard to find. Nichole also offered great insight and recommendations as it pertained to other design questions we had. Would HIGHLY recommend, and – trust me – I’m picky with painters!!!

Ande G.

Nichole was amazing to work with for the painting projects in my home. I originally contacted her because I was looking for someone to paint and distress my kitchen cabinets. The reviews just don’t do her justice; she is a truly awesome craftswoman. I am so happy with how the cabinets turned out. I also had her and Javier paint the walls in my condo. Nichole made picking out colors easy. During the painting process both her and Javier were extremely professional, prompt, and respectful of my place. Also, she was very accomodating when closing dates for my condo changed. I highly recommend Harmony Haus and will use them for all of my painting projects.

Natalie K.

Nicole is a master at her craft. Her attention to detail is second to none. She listens to the needs and style interests of her clients. She is easy to work with and effectively communicates with her customers to ensure they are always happy with the end result. I have worked with her on two homes I have lived in and would trust her judgement on the next. So pleased with the results. You will NOT be disappointed by going with her.

Stacey B.

I love NIchole and Harmony Haus!

My place was in dire need of a facelift… the paint was stark and bland and I was looking for something that would help me feel relaxed at the end of a long day and I wanted low/no VOC.

Nichole was recommended to me by a friend who knows her from her affiliation with B.A.S.E. – a group who is focused on sustainable business practices.

All I can say is WOW… Nichole was incredibly responsive (she was on vacation when I first contacted her, and still sent an email to confirm she received my info and set up an appt for when she got back.) She did an initial consult and provided me a quote(that was more than reasonable!) within a couple days time.

She then returned and we got to the fun part of picking colors. Because we were going with a low/no VOC I thought my options were going to be limited. Uhm, yeah, not so much…. she had several huge packs of color swatches which made me drool… (I am an artist and love color packs… it’s crazy, I know.) and Nichole made recommendations and we walked around with the various choices finally narrowing it down to the final four. Yes. Four. All complementary. All Contemporary. All gorgeous.

I’m in color love. And even though technically neutrals the color is so saturated the place feels very rich indeed.

I don’t have a large space and Nichole has pretty much painted all the available walls, but I can’t wait to have her paint more!!!

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

lindy s.

Harmony Haus’ owner Nichole is artistic, organized, prompt, honest, funny and passionate about eco paint and painting. She has painted almost every room in our house and she is just a pleasure to work with. If I can, I will fly her out to where we are moving to!
You will not be disappointed if you hire Nichole. She is not only a painter but an entrepreneur and runs her business with grace and style.

Joy D.

This was a universally great experience. After approaching other painters who were either unresponsive or went MIA after providing a quote, Nichole’s personal and professional approach was a total breath of fresh air. We hired her to paint multiple interior walls and, in the process, repair significant holes in the drywall from our home’s former owner. Nichole was creative with suggestions but respectful of our vision, incredibly detail oriented, has a leave-no-trace approach with regard to cleaning up, and is basically a total pro. The pricing was competitive, our walls look fantastic, and we’ll absolutely work with her again. We’d recommend Harmony Haus to anyone.

Cl 7.

Nichole is great and takes great pride in her work. Initially I had short listed 5-6 painters and got in touch with another painter before Nichole known as “Spuhler Painting” impressed with the ratings. However, the company owner was not professional and I decided to not go with them given his tone and the fact he kept tried to up charge me. After getting in touch with Nichole, I was blown away by the professionalism, quality, and pricing before and after the job. Note the unique features of the business in comparison to several other painters in the area –
(1) She is local meaning she does NOT outsource the job to her employees. She has 1 guy who works along side her throughout the paint job. Most other painters will outsource to other workers who may not have the same values and integrity as the owner. I loved that I exactly knew who will be accountable and responsible 100% for the job
(2) Professional and on-time – she came to assess the pricing 5 mins before scheduled time. On the pain job day as well, she came in 5 mins earlier while taking extra care that she uses the intercom and not call my cell directly to let her in the building.
(3) Provides a written work proposal – I was given a written proposal with pricing prior to the job to make sure there were no surprises. In fact, she did run out of paint toward the end but did not charge me fully for it given that we had a written agreement.
(4) Communicative – she explains the work well if any questions are asked and is very responsive. I found her really easy to work with as well!
(5) Paint quality – The room looks bright and really beautiful.
We will be going back to Nichole for all our paint needs in the future. Thank you Nichole!

Ritika M.

Nichole did a fantastic job on our condo. She was quick to correspond with us, helped us choose colors, and fit us into her schedule quickly. The work was very high quality. I highly recommend her.

Clover S.

My wife and I have hired Nichole and her Harmony Haus team twice and have been thrilled with the results. They take immense pride in their work and the results show. Our 100 year old condo had suffered from numerous imprecise paintjobs – Harmony Haus fixed all of that. Their painting reflects a high level of ability and attention to detail. Above and beyond the painting, Harmony Haus has the ability to tend to your house’s hardware (doors, door handles, etc.) that are in need of TLC.

Nichole and her team provide great results and they are easy to work with. I would recommend them to anyone in need of painting for their home or business.

Jonathon D.

I can not recommend Harmony Haus and Nichole more highly. We hired Nichole to paint the interior of a large Queen Anne home. In addition to painting, she removed wallpaper, fixed damaged walls and navigated complex architectural details including tin ceilings; she also managed to perfectly paint an almost 30 ft tall stairwell. Not only is her work impeccable, her communication is clear and consistent and she made the entire process easy and enjoyable. Nichole steered me in the right direction, even when I was questioning the color choices, and I am beyond grateful that I listened to her! She came in on budget and ahead of schedule, which is pretty unheard of in this industry. She knows her craft and takes pride in her work. I will absolutely only go to Nichole for all of my future painting needs.

Emily L.

Nichole is hands down the best contractor we have ever worked with (and we have worked with a lot!). She is professional, personable, flexible (is accommodating to your needs and wants), and has incredible attention to detail. She anticipates questions and is extremely thorough in her proposal and her execution of tasks. We had her paint 2 bedrooms in our Lakeview condo and then the entire interior of our 4 bedroom house in Bucktown. I would recommend Nichole to anyone looking for a painter, she is truly amazing!

Elizabeth S.

Nicole did a beautiful job restoring and painting some very beat up walls. My house looks like new. Exceeded my expectations.

Alexa A.

Harmony Haus did a great job painting our new apartment in Rogers Park. Nichole helped my wife pick colors, got everything done quickly, and with an excellent attention to detail. We will definitely turn to Harmony Haus again next time we need painting done.

Al I.

Nichole and her team were great from start to finish. The estimate process was quick, detailed, and made it easy for us to decide to move forward with Harmony Haus. The actual job ended up taking less time than estimated and looks great. Nichole and her assistant were also great about safety provisions during COVID, wearing masks, etc., and they left the place spotless. Will definitely consider Harmony Haus again for any future paint work!

Martin W.

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