In addition to painting residential and commercial interiors, I also have expertise in the following areas:

Yellow Nursery* Color consultations
* Decorative painting
* Faux finishes
* Furniture painting/staining
* Application of American Clay
* Custom murals
* Wallpaper removal
* Stenciling
* Light drywall and plaster repair
* Designing and preparing nurseries
* Working with clients who have chemical sensitivities and other health issues

I work throughout Chicago, including the North Shore and western suburbs. Feel free to inquire about other locations. For commercial spaces, I’m flexible with hours and can work at night so you don’t lose time or customers. Since I only use low- or zero-VOC paints with no off-gassing odors, it’s business as usual the very next morning.

Color Consulting
Are paint cards making you dizzy? Wondering how light might affect your favorite hue? I’ll come by with swatches and help you choose the most suitable colors for the environment you wish to create. Whether you’re looking to transform a powder room or re-do your entire home, I can help you create the look you’ve been dreaming of — and do it for less than you probably imagined.

Color consulting is complimentary with painting services, or available at a rate of $100 per hour, billed in 15-minute increments.

Rates for Services
Typically, estimates are not given over the phone. I prefer to visit each site so I can provide an accurate description of the amount of work required. This gives us an opportunity to go over any repairs or necessary patching work and discuss how the room is used on a daily basis.

To give you an idea of rates, an average-sized bedroom (12×15), including walls and ceilings, is generally around $400.

I do my best to take into consideration all factors, but sometimes the nature of the work changes (who knew there were seven layers of wallpaper hiding underneath the paint?!). Of course, if at any time a situation arises that would extend the project duration or incur additional fees, the issue will be brought to your attention immediately. Additional work will be done only upon your approval.

Your itemized estimate will include labor and materials. The cost of paint is additional; you can purchase the paint yourself, or I can add paint to the estimate, passing my contractor’s discount onto you.

Ready to get started? Contact me here.