When you hire Harmony Haus, you’re doing more than improving your surroundings — you’re also helping to reduce environmental waste. Here are just some of the methods I use to reduce, reuse and recycle:

Green Seal logo* All of my brushes are made from recycled or sustainably harvested materials, and roller covers are highly reusable without compromising quality.
* The drop cloths are made of canvas and are reusable.
* Painters tape is used sparingly, saving extra waste from going to landfills.
* I recommend wallpapers that are hand silk-screened on recycled paper with non-toxic dyes, and I use only non-toxic pastes in applications.
* I purchase many products manufactured in Chicago, including drop cloths, work shirts, and Mythic paint, which contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).
* Other low- or no-VOC paints and finishes I use include YOLO Colorhouse, C2 LoVo, Benjamin Moore Natura, Sherwin Williams Harmony, Green Planet Paints, and Vermont Natural Coatings.
* Leftover paint is donated to community and civic groups (if the client chooses not to keep it). All finished paint cans are recycled.
* Other materials, including no- and low-VOC caulks and non-toxic spackling compound, are standard. For the chemically sensitive, I use a natural, hypo-allergenic joint compound.
* I also have expertise working with non-toxic wallpaper removal techniques.

Why No-VOC?
No-VOC paint is a smart choice that contributes to a healthier indoor air quality and outdoor environment. The paints I use regularly have incredible color palettes and are highly regarded by design experts. Best of all, they don’t stink up a room.

The stinky fumes that come from traditional latex and oil paints are the smells of different chemicals, none of which are good for you or the atmosphere. These chemicals can cause respiratory illness, headaches, nausea and are especially harmful to infants, children, the elderly and people with chemical sensitivities. When they evaporate, these chemicals become greenhouse gases.

By choosing a no-VOC paint, none of these these harmful additives will be brought into your home or business:
* Volatile Organic Compounds
* Halomethanes
* Chlorinated Ethanes
* Aromatic Solvents
* Phlorinated Ethylenes
* Polynuclear Aromatics
* Chlorobenzenes
* Formaldehyde
* Ketones
* Metals and their compounds


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